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The last minute of silence: 17/02/2022 at 12:00

This Thursday 17 February 2022 we will observe the 12th and hopefully last "White Coat Minute of Silence".

During these minutes of silence, we have been able to convey the following messages:

- The virus exists, it is dangerous and it kills.

- The vaccine works and protects against serious and deadly forms of the disease.

- A chronically understaffed health sector has so far been able to withstand these successive waves, thanks to the solidarity of the vast majority of the population who have worked responsibly by respecting safety measures and barrier gestures: distancing, surgical mask or FFP2 covering the mouth AND nose, hand hygiene, vaccination.

These messages will also remain valid for the future as the virus seems to be retreating into its spring sleep, but the risk of a new wave remains. No one can predict how dangerous the next mutations will be.

The white coats would like to thank all those who have supported them over the past two years with respect and dignity. Your expressions of sympathy and participation in the minutes of silence have been heartwarming.

It is now time to take advantage of this lull to raise awareness one last time, and this time especially to our political leaders, to seize the opportunity to equip ourselves with a plan that will enable us to better face the next epidemic threats.

Therefore, it is important to be with us to raise awareness among the population an politics, in a last sober and dignified demonstration,

Silently, in the way of #yeswecare.

Thursday 17/02/2022 at 12:00

- invite as many people as possible to participate

- spread this message on social networks

- download the #yeswecare and #impfewierkt files and print them

- post them in windows or hold them in your hand

- respect the safety distances

- put on the mask

- take a picture of yourself

- post these photos on social networks

Together and in solidarity, we can overcome this pandemic and regain a social life worthy of the name.

Take care!

The website will remain active and will provide you with the relevant information you need on the subject of COVID19, current and future vaccines as well as treatments.

Download PDF • 14KB

Download PDF • 14KB

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