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The last minute of silence of 2021

Thursday 30 December 2021 at 12:00

This Thursday 30 December 2021 we will observe the last minute of silence for this year.

2021 has been heavily marked by this pandemic, which continues to shake us up with its successive waves.

Caregivers and doctors have paid a heavy price for almost two years. The successive waves have greatly affected their moral and physical condition. But they are still there, present at their posts, despite being permanently understaffed.

The entire population has also suffered and is still suffering, not only because of the restrictions linked to the confinements and restrictive measures, but also because of the lack of access to healthcare. This loss of opportunity, which is caused by an excessive influx of COVID patients, could have been avoided since the introduction of vaccines.

Yes, vaccines are effective!

Yes, vaccines are safe!

So let's all meet on this last Thursday of the year, each at his or her own place, for this minute of silence of the "white coats and the population":

Thursday 30 December 2021 at 12:00

For our citizen minute of silence.

- let's invite as many people as possible to participate

- spread this message on social networks

- download the #yeswecare and #impfewierkt files and print them

- post them in windows or hold them in your hand

- respect the safety distances

- put on the mask

- take a picture of yourself

- post these photos on social networks

Let's hope that 2022 will bring better surprises and a normal life again.

Let’s take care of ourself, let’s take care of our fellowmen.

Download PDF • 14KB

Download PDF • 14KB

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