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The minute of silence: 03/02/2022 at 12:00

This Thursday 3rd February 2022 we will observe the minute of silence of the white coats for the 10th time.

If the number of hospitalizations is currently decreasing and the severity of the disease seems to be less in vaccinated people, it is clear that the vast majority of hospitalizations are in non-vaccinated people.

The rate of infection, especially with the omicron variant, is increasing and has an impact on hospital management. We are seeing an increasing number of absences due to quarantine and isolation throughout civil society. The omicron variant currently accounts for more than 95% of infections and the delta variant is still circulating and remains very aggressive.

Therefore, it is important to continue our action to raise awareness among the population, in sober and dignified demonstrations,

Silently, in the way of #yeswecare.

Thursday 03/02/2022 at 12:00

- invite as many people as possible to participate

- spread this message on social networks

- download the #yeswecare and #impfewierkt files and print them

- post them in windows or hold them in your hand

- respect the safety distances

- put on the mask

- take a picture of yourself

- post these photos on social networks

Together and in solidarity, we can overcome this pandemic and regain a social life worthy of the name.

Take care!

Download PDF • 14KB

Download PDF • 14KB

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