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The next minute of silence will be on the 09th december 2021 à 12:00

This is the minute of silence for all of us, the silent majority. Anyone can take part, from anywhere, from your home, your workplace, on the street ...

If you want to participate, it's easy.


- download the #yeswecare and / or #impfewierkt logos below

- print them

- display them in your windows, or / and

- hold them in your hand when you observe the minute of silence

- take photos or selfies

- post them on your social networks

Some guidelines:

- put on your mask

- respect the distances if you are in a group

- continue to take care of yourself

With the security measures and the vaccines we will be able to resume a normal life together.

Take care of yourself; take care of others!


Download PDF • 14KB

Download PDF • 14KB

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